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Stations of the Cross


The Stations of the Cross, are a way to pray and meditate on Christ's sacrifice for us. There are in total fourteen stations from the time he was condemned to his burial. This devotion has been long encouraged by the church, and is especially useful during Lent and Good Friday. Below are the 8 reasons from Pope Francis on why we should pray the Stations of the Cross.
1. They Allow Us to Place Our Trust in Him2. They Put Us into the Story3. They Remind Us That Jesus Suffers with Us4. They Compel Us to Action5. They Helps Us Make a Decision for or Against Christ6. They Reveal God’s Response to Evil in the World7. They Give Us the Certainty of God’s Love for Us8. They Guide Us from the Cross to the Resurrection
This app is developed for you to have easy access to the fourteen stations anywhere you go and at anytime. You may also choose to share any station in which you find particularly meaningful to your friend and family members easily via the app.